Study Abroad in Korea: Getting Your Alien Registration Card in Seoul

How to get your alien registration card - study abroad korea

If you're staying Korea for over 90 days, you are required to register with the country as a foreigner with your own handy-dandy alien registration card, otherwise known as an ARC. This is Korea's version of a green card, which might seem a little overkill if you're only staying for a semester. But getting your …


Life After Study Aroad: How Korea Changed Me

Up until recently, I feel like no one has really discussed the impact that experience has further down the line. In "Where Are They Now" fashion, here are some ways I realize I have changed 8 months after coming back home.

Study Abroad in Korea: Top Phone Apps

There's no doubt that Korea absolutely relies on modern day technology. From ordering delivery to catching the bus on time, here are my top recommended Korean phone apps that you must have to make your life easier!