My Top 5 US Travel Bucket List Destinations

As a budding travel blogger still coming down from the high of studying abroad last year, I spend a lot of my time researching new places to go. My Instagram feed is full of bright blue beach shots and rich green forest zip lining GoPro videos, sure, but I get a good kick out of exploring …


Happy Anniversary! Study Abroad in Korea 1 Year Later

When I rode the subway to work this morning, I listened to A Little Braver by New Empire and got a little misty eyed. I played this song a lot in my first week in Seoul, when everything was new and foreign. I was terrified every single day, but I knew that if I was …

Study Abroad in Korea: Top Phone Apps

There's no doubt that Korea absolutely relies on modern day technology. From ordering delivery to catching the bus on time, here are my top recommended Korean phone apps that you must have to make your life easier!

Study Abroad Pre-Departure Checklist

predeparture checklist study abroad

You have a place to sleep, your plane ticket, and confirmation from your university that you're ACTUALLY GOING ABROAD. How exciting! Here is your reminder of everything you need to get squared away before you close the door to Life Before Study Abroad!

Affordable Korean Classes in Seoul

Heading to Korea, but can't afford the steep Korean course payments? Maybe you don't have the time during the day like most class alternatives? In this post, I give you some resources as an SNU exchange student, as well as insight on other locations within Seoul.