How do you chronicle a life-changing experience effectively so that others can follow you on the journey? You make a blog of course!

I started this blog to document my travels while doing my study abroad in South Korea in Fall 2016. There I had the time of my life, watched my character grow, and met so many great people along the way. When I had to board my 15-hour flight back home, I was distraught to leave behind my new life when it had just barely begun.

Now I’m here, stuck in college for another year, laboring part-time jobs to fill in the gaps of my 6-month internships and 6 months of class at my expensive private school. And let me tell you, I was stuck in this awful depression for months. How do you return back to your “normal life” when so much of you has changed?

If you’re reading this now, you get the sneak peek of a new adventure I’m undertaking.

Against the name of the blog, I’m not actually going to many places these days. With no money, no time, and more due dates than I can count, “Mindful Banter Travel” became a lie that I didn’t want to perpetuate anymore. In November 2017 I went on hiatus with a mission to find out where I go from here. Where do we, my readers and I, take the next plunge in life?

I’ve had at least 4 blogs at this point, and this next project may just be a culmination of all that practice. I’m going to dive into the “lifestyle” blogger territory. This might seem like a cop-out, but I don’t just want to tell you my favorites of the month or my morning routines.

Instead, I want to take you all on adventures with me. But not physically. This past year has taken me on a mental journey that I am only just now starting to understand, and I feel like a lot of people would be interested in what college life at an atypical school is like. What it’s like to be the only black queer female in a cis white straight male space? How one overcomes life adversity, heartbreak, loss of friendships, challenges in a new relationship. What about when your brain still automatically processes certain words in your secondary languages?

Nothing is quite set-in-stone yet, but I hope by the New Year, we will be ready to go on this new adventure together.

Until then, please stay tuned to my Twitter (despite all of my daily rants) for the latest, up-to-date happenings of this space.

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